May in New York City is International Contemporary Furniture Fair Month. Trust that every year the crowd, the design is intoxicating and the people are the most supremely chic.  (Somehow refreshingly less affected than fashion people too)

TREND: TENDANCE The Brits are Very Into Faerie Influences.

The nature designs and inspiration in art, advertising and interior design have taken to turning us into denizens of nature, tiny folks and faeries. Not at all child-like illustrative, now these influences are more wizard-ish and anti-techno in feel.

Miranda Meilleur is an artist in residence at Manchester City College and creates objects that would work for a Medieval knight as well as the faeries around his head after he’s drunk too much mead. She works magic in acid-etched steel.

Fiona Gall gets the Prize. Ornate chandeliers that look like they were created in a Faerie workshop with miniature wands and wing-hands.

FOR SALE:  A “Faerie, Put Your Little Head on a Pillow” Ring.

For fun, a faeirie pillow ring to rest your head on your hand when you get tired. So many chic fabrications to match decor and mood.  Buy from Downstairs Studio, from Japan.


PLANT:IDEAS     Old and New World Luxury Textures Are Melding.

Lindsey Adelman of Lindsey Adelman Studio, is an obsessive Brooklyn artist working with hair, Avery dots, clear stickers and endless doodles. She has her own Plant of white dressed women working their hair into fine art. (see the pic below) And her chandeliers are a practical bubbling of her insect-ual hiving and working.


ONLINE HIGH: Online Communities and New Countries Innovating.

Design Democracy is an online design community (like was for T-shirts) The concept is to create a well-designed products utilizng new technology with small production runs competitive with mass manufactured products.

Here is the credo from their site:

1. manufacture on demand
2. mass customize
3. manufacture sustainably
4. allow design to drive manufacturing

Manufacturing on demand means we don’t make it until there is a need for it.


written by Jade Dressler

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