New York’s Finest:11 Dandy Personalities I Have Styled and/or Admired


These are just a few of the magnificent men I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with in New York City. Trust there are many more than are listed here, (because sometimes…I do more than work…) but these are top of my list for sartorial style, humor, genourosity and gentleman manners. Artists, Leaders, Kings, Stars and Good Men. That is dandy style.


Michael Phelps in the hottest picture I have ever seen of him, this time in Vanity Fair. Vanity in full disclosure… I helped stylist Deborah Watson put this and some other looks together for Michael’s shoot with Bruce Weber. Michael was super sweet, as I trotted him all over to do media appearences and took him through the tough paces at a NYC Speedo launch with media from all over the world, he was gracious throughout.


I first met Cator Sparks on our way to a Bombay-themed costume party. Can you tell he had the best outfit from his feather cap to his curled up slippers? Cator’s southern graces, writing and warm smile are always a pleasure to see at a party as is his fierce love for his Harlem neighborhood. This image is from dandy author, Ike Ude’s (next up!) new book, Style File,which I cannot wait to devour!




I met Ike Ude, artist and publisher of ARude magazine through my friend Zari Awodien (also a gorgeous dandy). One Fashion Week a few seasons back I accompanied Ike to his photo sittings appointment with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders for inclusion in his book, Look, a compendium of backstage portraits at Olympus Fashion Week in New York City. Yes, the Baudelaire and contents of his costume chest hidden beneath the floorboards were proffered.


Elliott Wilson is the Mackevelli of the Hip Hop world as Editor-in-Chief of XXL magazine and a founding member of the ego trip group. I read his editor letters for years, grumpy, bragging, in-your-face, they were so exciting. When his wife Danyel, now Editor-in-Chief of Vibe magazine, called to do PR for Elliott, I was more than excited. I must admit that Danyel infallibly pulled these outfits for Elliott’s editor shots, but we put him up on the desk to match his Big Daddy prominence. I do like your style Elliott.


Robert Verdi is high on my list in the “gentleman” and “fun” categories. Although he usually is seen mixing colours and patterns, I actually love what he did here with grey and silver tones. A multi-tasking mensch, I’ll never forget a chance spotting him on the street while he was chatting away on his cell, he actually waved enthusiastically and stopped to say hi to me clear from the other side of the street without missing a beat. More true phone confessions…a lunch-time phone call for for him in Paris at L’Avenue was a multi-tasking-morning-for-me-in-ma-skivvies-on-my-yoga-mat for a NYC trans-Atlantic phone call. We give good phone.


Marc Hruschka is the president and chief executive of Chopard Inc. and he was a panelist for our luxury event hosted by Susan Tabak at The Core Club. Marc is elegant to the max and the only man I have ever seen expertly pull off clearly BROWN shoes with an all blue ensemble. So he ranks high on the list for that. The twinkle in his eye and humor may account for much of his style as well.


Louis Sarmiento is a gentleman. Publisher for The Daily, he is always elegant, thoughtful and committed to his work. Yes, he always looks hot like this.


David Life is dandy plus plus. I remember him as the proprieter of the Life Cafe in the East Village, next as the owner of the tight cramped Jivamukti East Village yoga studio, one of NYC’s first. Spending time with him over the years, at Ananda Ashram or at Jivamukti has expanded my world and life immensely. I always loved his over-the-top images and when he speaks about cultivating a rebellious attitude so one can remain alert and conscious, he is a man after my own heart. You have it David, you do!


Jason Campbell does not enter a room he slinks. As the creator of the smartest online fashion resource, The JC Report, he also quietly styles some of NYC’s most powerful and chic women. (PS, attenzione! the guy behind him in that very cool hat, I know you are on my mailing list and I remember laughing with you at Jason’s party because we danced in Paris at some other party…except I don’t know your name:-) Please connect with me at your earliest convenience! I wanna add ya to the list yo.


Morad Fareed, soccer star and Business Tycoon (!) has temporarily left NYC for Dubai, but from this picture you can see why I HAD to include him here. Our paths crossed in NY because of a shirt from my client, Bogosse and an auction for BPeace and now we speak through Facebook.  An example of how small the world is and how our connections can only be leading us to a greater understanding and good in the world. Ultimately isn’t that style we all can totally agree on? (Obviously for those reasons Barack would be #11 on this list save for the fact that I don’t know him personally AND I just saw Michelle on CNN saying he had holes in his pants.)

Actually, holes in one’s pants never stopped a man from being a Dandy, the main requirement is to be WHOLLY within one’s pants and wear them VERY well.  OK, for sure…HOLY in one’s pants as well…of course.


written by Jade Dressler


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