24 little hours: #nyfw new york fashion week 2011


24 little hours: september NY fashion week 2011

given to looooonnng form journalism for blog posts and just back from speaking at a BOOMSPDESIGN design conference in sao paulo brazil as of tuesday morning, having made no #nyfw (hashtag new york fashion week) plans other than fixating on getting my clients, 3 austrian accessory designers in the press…I cave in.

i cave in to #fni.  hashtag fashion night in.

i cave in to no caps and twitter language. i resisted so long and finally i realize that holding the caps key costs me milli-seconds…DONE!…(well, i did decide “select” caps is the new black)

i cave in to invites.
i cave in to the fast lane and pre-empt my brazil post with this snapshot of 24 hours uptown downtown during #NYFW. utilizing every fashion blog ploy in the book, just because it amuses me DAMMIT!
i cave in to the examined life.

life is happening where you are. NOW. especially if you are not at #nyfw.
so…i cave in To Chronicling. maybe my life can inspire children and teens, give comfort to those with more meaningful pursuits than fashion. In fact this may force me to develop golden egg widgets to purchase that home in montauk.
perhaps this will reap me writing, tv gigs and party invites…herewith most of the self pleasuring i can account for publicly in my last 24 little hours.

4 am

twitter about the fashion shows I am not seeing as i beseech editors to see 3 viennese accessory designers in a sea of Kardashian Kouture.

i wore this silver leather and lemon green yellow bubble bauble thing from designer FLorian…everywhere… in brazil and #nyfw. love it. florian worked with hussein chalayan and his work can be seen in london’s v+a museum and paris’ colette. plus plus plus.

diane pernet tops her shaded view in a FLorian crown…

speaking of hats, #2 vienna delight, muhlbauer hats are totally charming and thanks to my pal montgomery frazier, legendary mtv vj downtown julie brown is a new fan joining brad pitt, yoko ono and common.

#3 rose beck’s 60’s glam is really getting to me in a good way, we love her ipod and ipad holders in this textured leather she calls eyelash, here’s her lookbookSS12. fashion host katrina szish is flipping for these. (more on that later)

other lookbooks HERE.

10 am

skype w sicily
clients dedi and augusto check in from the of lush vineyards of settesoli

11 am

we are talking the opening of amaranto, the new boutique dedi salmeri has developed with maddalena grassi polito in milan’s baglioni hotel which follows #nyfw during #mfw. loads of delcious new designers…more to come on this gem!

pitching pitching pitching pitching all day

4:54 pm

my to do note is now to do nothing. it’s friday. the bell tools for one who has now worked a 13 hour day with about 6 more to go. I take stock of the blessings of the day and journal write propped up on pillows like diana vreeland.

6 pm

don fake and fab fake missoni dress from bcbg I found at salvation army (YES!) with white silvery merrell sneakers and that silver and lemon/green yellow necklace of FLorian (AGAIN) and head downtown.

7 pm

meet saxon henry of adroyt at parigot on grand street for a st germain and champagne toast to her social media consultancy and my fashion world. love this little vision at the bar.

8 pm

head over to walker st for the boffo party with our gotham pr pal courtney’s client planar, supima cotton, MAC cosmetics and depesha magazine from russia.

very russian scary

very club kid, soho white men and girls and fashion people peppered crowd

and sexy surreal singer sasha, with whom i hung out last #nyfw, with claude serieux our DJ from paris. made another plea to her to PLEASE release his version of her n n n n n n new new york song, which we all LOVE! puh-leese pretty lady!

and my new my andy-like voyeur habit to chronicle the dance between unknown people to give them their 15 minutes:

the art, except for this ceiling view, was not as memorable as the flash flash flash flash atmosphere.

the v magazine cover captured the geometric metal gem flash of the party as did this…“born this way” odd “jean jacket” art, i like it for its mystical goofiness. (and whenever I see a unicorn it reminds me of one of my friend’s favorite charactors, “the quixotic unicorn” who speaks in a baritone and slowly answers sphinx-like any questions put to it)

come out of the party and…

8:55 pm

katrina szish says she loves the eyelash bags from rose beck for appearances and a CBS segment. hooray! i think she is quite appealing. (warning: pink and fuzzy begins to be a theme in this blog as the evening progresses, why else does anyone head out on a full moon during #nyfw?)

on the way to raouls on prince for pink champagne and more st. germain we spy fuzzy rabbits in the window of house of berardi

and inside a cute dress to go rabid on someone (could not resist…dress and pun)

this is my favorite blouse. i like this style. back at the #nyfw #desk and fuzzy the next morning, i review the lookbook. i like.

back to the fuzzy evening

9 ish. raouls
debate with gorgeous nicola from bologna on Maurizo Cattelan, King McQueen and Matthew Barney. golden french fries and rose and st germain, the pink neon glow of raouls, franco my favorite bartender in nyc and a model waiting for her adorable boyfriend who soon appears…

a walk back through soho reveals some good window shopping

moncler, which i predicted like 7 years ago would conquer the world!miu miu is forever my favorite!

dr. martens comeback! and #hashtag in window!

monika chiang is like an ode to the goddess.

Saturday morn
9 am

to do list
twitter and download brazil pics
black and white quinoa with cilantro, broccoli, garlic, mango sauce and goat cheese

pal, cator sparks, now at lookbooks.com refers me to fashionindie.com site for future #fni’s all thru the year…yum.

11 am I decided to fight the cave urge and dress up to go to coach’s book signing for Glenda Bailey harpers bazaar‘s greatest hits book.

ever since first meeting her, i have treasured memories of her. she always said hello and meant it. from watching her and Stephan Gan find the same tent side exit to dash from a Karl Lagerfeld show in Paris to catching her eye at a crowded chelsea gallery opening, i love glenda. dealing with her office could not be more efficient or pleasant. that’s IMPORTANT.

1 pm get dressed
2 pm coach on 57th street.
I am not a coach girl (total look) but you would not have to twist my arm to adore their snappy plaid raincoat or some other choice gems discovered at the store for glenda bailey’s book signing. “the total look” is one of my favorite fashion proclamations (source is a secret sauce)

these leopard pumps could be rocked rightly

hott pink sneaks i would do…

yet…y’all know. these new miu miu’s are much more me.

wait! wait! my lovely, stellar employee Amanda Lanza, whose queen mom RUNS miu-miu retail just flipped them off her feet when she came home the other night?  OI!

meanwhile, back at coach retail…

Is Jade here yet? (Glenda is about to sign me)

3 pm Glenda signs “you are clearly very (underlined) harpers bazaar, with best wishes GLENDA.” (if she wrote the same thing in your book, DO NOT tell me.)

4  pm.  my 4 favorite shots from the book

daria werbowy in balenciaga (i do love my mobile camera for the ufo it adds) and i love the texture sex it got with this coat close up.

this spread of gemma ward by patrick demarchellier has always been one of my absolute favorites.

and natasha poly by peter lindbergh gets 2 shots here with camera and looking trips. one clear and one fuzzy. i actually like the fuzzy one to portray the “memory” feel of the image.

and this…polina kouklina by solve sundsbo is a favorite too.

4 :30pm

on my way home to cave in. first a little cave in to style blog trick #1000, street spotting of style. here, a cutie couple hopping off their bike to go see a movie. she is rocking pink and coach, please note. also watch the cute little lady popping up in the background. i cannot help myself, so enamored of LIFE!


camera rule #1000, remove finger from aperture.

4:54.  Cave in.

very hp at home with bags. and YES i found this ombre cuteness at salvation army. perfect size, not proclaiming anything, no logo, no pertense, just simple and serviceable.

and just so you see how much pink, fuzzy and sparkly rules my life, here’s a snapshot of my #nyfw command central, my desk.  (and don’t front…you have lil magical ritual things like this that pop up at the right moment in your life too…)

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  1. eek I just realized SOMEONE (most likely a FB BFF from high school) is going to think that’s me in the black hajib. it’s not people. it’s a girl at that party.

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