9 | Star | Flower | Good Things


In creating brands or concepts that resonate, a little alignment makes all the difference.

While we love inventions from Silicon Valley like SEO, IFTTT and even OMG for building brands, we also love slipping into something a little more comfortable…something available to all, something ancient and intuitive. Something flowery and made of universal scared geometry all at once. See, we only desire things that make you go WOW.

The universal game concept of “Magic Square” is a mathematical map or algorithm found in multiple philosophy systems. It has resonance and engagement factors.

What you call it is your detail…because, truly, it is

A “””””””””BIG””””””””” Alignment.

With forms in all cultures, we call it “9 |Star | Flower” and it has been a tool of humanoids since the dawn of “time” …as in 4000 BC and perhaps way before that. Yes, Virginia, da Vinci cathedrals, too.


We discovered that this alignment,

where you can go in any direction and things just add up,

is not only very pleasing, but opens up gateways to creativity. Call it universal logos or brainstorming. Call it a philosophy of micro/macro orientation. Or call it by any number of names in use as maps of transformation: the Matrix, hero’s journey, chakra system, stations of the cross, 3 X 3 magic square, medicine wheel, I Ching, the 9 planets, the 8-gates, Feng Shui or one of our favorites, The Island of 9 Gems. YUM!

In creating images, brands or concepts that resonate, a little alignment can make all the difference.

To balance and represent our work in the world, we created 9 versions of our logo, symbols that playfully open up creativity and identity.  A bonus, each area taps into mysteries of human desire.

If you have the right message you stimulate Desire. Action. Engagement.

Tracing this message is an application, an algorithm and practice that continually gives us and our clients insight. And yes Virginia, an e-book on tracing this  9 | Star | Flower | thing is happening as we speak.

And what’s with all the “3’s”? We see our approach as a 3rd option, a place to go for bright ideas and problem solving, beyond the dualities of mind vs. heart, East vs. West, male vs. female, day vs. night, Kanye vs. Lady Gaga…etc.

Here are our 9 | Star | Flower symbols for these gates to awaken creativity.

Go ahead and get Rorschach on them.

A Green Provocateur Star 1

Star 1   “A Green Provocateur” 

A Come To The Table Y’all. A Root. The Green Earth. Foundation. Home, Safety, Survival and Family live here.

A Jade Dress Star 2

Star 2   “A Jade Dress”

A Mystery. Desires and our Passions like Wealth, Sex, Conflict and Emotions live here.  We use the handy, eponymous, metaphorical term ” A Jade Dress” to describe this phenom. Those entrancing things that turn our head instantly,
like the flash of a Jade Dress on someone beautiful.
Is it a hook, a long tail, train or an engaging smirk you see there? Of course. Yes. That’s what it is;-)

A Slow Luxury Star 3

Star 3   “A Slow Luxury”

The Center. Here lives Balance, Health, Will Power, Surrender, Gut-level Emotions, Understanding.
Instant connection to all things earthy, grand scale, a glowing, slowing, portly Buddha Right Now, like WOW.

A Journey Star 4

Star 4   “A Journey”

That which moves the Heart like An Open Arm Welcome. Helpful People. Mentors. King, Father, Brother, Son things. Journeys and Travel. A Goal, A Score, A Free Bird. Yes, Living here, creating, speaking and communicating from here reaps vast awards, Grasshopper.

A Creation Star 5

Star 5   “A Creation”

Monkey Create!  Expression. Voice. Art. Queen, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Children things. What lives here is our immense, playful choice, we see a Monkey, a Mask, a Mother and Child and a baby face with a pacifier.
A Dream House. An Eternal Fountain. Et tu?

A Wise Seed Star 6

Star 6   “A Guru”

True identity. Innate Intelligence. Wisdom. Truth. Smarts. Intuition. Third Eye Vision and Beyond All Boundaries. Like scales, here we are measured and balanced.
We “see” it, we “get” it.

A Star Star 7

Star 7   “A Star Star”

Hello Shiny Halo. Fame, Self Recognition, Confidence and Esteem live here. Backbone of success.  Outward in all four directions. The inner beaming that creates the tools to hug the world.

A Path Star 8

Star 8   “A Path”

The Life Path laid out in front of us, Career, Destiny. Our magic Rabbit out of a Hat. It’s our Soapbox, our Standards and our Welcome mat between the world and “us.” Is it an exclamation point?
Yes. Yes. Yes!

A Relate Star 9

            Star 9   “A Relate”

As seen and heard in Berkeley in the 60’s, “I can relate.” Here, at the completion of the last single digit, number 9, is where all our relationships live. Intersection. Communities, from the molecular to biological to “something higher.” Yes, a perfect 10-point score for seeing A Cross, A Star and A Flower.

What’s it all about, Alfie?

We are still discovering, actually.

Perhaps that is it.

As humans, our desire drives us to always discover.

The Next Good Look.

The Next Good Brand.

The Next Ultimate Connect.

Anything that awakens us from slumber is a Good Thing.

A Good Star and Flower Thing.

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