it’s our lil fame game yearbook kids…sign in y’all. clients, artists, corporate vp’s, vip’s, old media, new media, bloggers, fans, scallywaggers, designers, kings, queens, fools, friends, paid shillers, unpaid and unabashed fans and the like and so on.  

so happy you like us. don’t stop, don’t stop.

we love y’all too.

“We too enjoyed meeting you the other day, and thank you for your nice comments on the Unknown Hipster!..

I looked at your blog which is great, as well as the funny ITI!..

All the best,”

Illustrator, Blogger
Unknown Hipster 

“Hi Jade !

Thanks for the kind words !
I also have many hats so I understand you…
Your blog looks cool !

xxx G”

Garance Dore
Garance Dore
Le fashion blogger 


 THANK YOU for sharing your blog with us. 

It is BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS and yes, I am shouting.

 Thank you, too, for recognizing Ralph’s work and artistry.

You’re a woman with a very good eye, I think.”

Rosina Rucci
Chado Ralph Rucci

Consuelo Costin silver

“You did such a beautiful job styling the video for #Here We Go”

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

on Twitter to her 35K followers and 700K video fans

“I’m so glad the big 50th Anniversary celebration for Car & Driver was a success. I hope to work with you again soon.”

Jill S. Davison
VP Corporate Communications
American Express Publications

Hachette Filipacci

“Thanks for all your hard work on the event. You are the consummate professional. We look forward to working with you again.”

Anne Janas
former VP Corporate Communications
Hachette Publications

“Thank you for all your hard work, sales of the book shot right up after your New York Times hit!”

Mark Major
Marketing Director
Design Within Reach

“Well done, a home run!” (Today Show segment)

Seth McLaughlin
VP Marketing
Luxottica Retail

“Congratulations on these two excellent articles. They are perfect.

The ‘brand story’ is really compelling. I salute you…and your PR advisor, Jade. Superb job!”

Justin MacInerney
Director of Luxury Brands
Saks Fifth Avenue

“Hey dear Jade,

now it is 81 visits from jadedressler.wordpress.com on my website :)))))
Thank you
Tatjana Tatalovic
Clothing designerElle magazine award-winner

“Super Jade,

Thank you for the blog !”
Stephan Crasneanscki
Stephan is Soundwalk, augmented reality with sound
for luxury brands, performing globally
“Thanks a lot for the coverage.  I’ll send people to your post.
Thanks again”
Joan DeJean
 Author of seven  books on French literature, history, and culture
Trustee Professor of French at the University of Pennsylvania
Writer for the New York Times

“And I, as ever, am happy to have you by my side. Thanks for always getting it done.

Xoxo Little Marvin”

After the Metropolitan Museum Alexander McQueen show,

“The only people I can see wearing these clothes are Tilda Swinton and you.”

little marvin
Senior Creative Producer
HSN, Home Shopping Network
little marvin/BIG MEDIA

PS Do you like his WOW shirt? We co-designed it with him and laboriously hand-sewed it with Wow and Love.

photo of MAGIC little marvin by Timur Civan

“You are really good at what you do.  Thank you for your help.  I loved what you wrote. I would love to spend one on one time with you.  You are very wise.”

Cricket Taplin
Curator, The Cricket Taplin Collection
Owner, “The Art Hotel,” The Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach

“Thank you Jade, you did a great job and we were so lucky and excited to have you on board!  Keep in touch and looking forward to the next one 🙂 ps thank you again for turning this all around on a ridic time frame.  it def speaks to your work ethic which we share and appreciate!!!


Hesta Prynn,recording artist, aka Julie Potash
Hesta Prynn
for Randy Slavin Scott, artist opening

“Just read your blogs – you are an unbelievable good writer and profound thinker –
I was blown away. the breadth and scope of your entries and your insights are mind-blogging, I am most impressed! “
Tziporah Salamon


Dame Lori
Soul Stylist 

“Jade, you are one of the great ones. It’s an honor to have you nearby.

with love. xe”

Elena Brower
Founder, Author
Virayoga, Art of Attention

“Yesterday was AWESOME, I love the chemistry and really looking

forward to working with you ladies on this and more projects to come.”

Kelly Abraham upon media training for partner, Collin Abraham
Floral and Event designers for President Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, LA Reid

“Dear friends, introducing you to Jade Dressler…, based in NYC. Besides blessing us with a great lecture at BOOMSPDESIGN 2011, they are doing a fantastic job for BOOMSPDESIGN as our international PR office.”

Roberto Lot Cocenza
BOOMSPDESIGN, international art, architecture and design conference

“Hi Team, I’m really starting to feel that I can do anything on TV.  Thank you for your support through this process.  I feel like you met me when I was crawling, & now I’m starting to walk.

Jade, you took nice pictures.  Thank you!

I wanted to let you know I’ve gotten great feedback today on the remake of my website.  Everything that we wanted to be and portray has come through…kudos to all of our meeting and conversations on the content and the creation of the extensive content. It really made the website.”

Dr. Vincent Pedre
Integrative Physician

photo of Dr. Pedre by Alvaro Montagna

“Thank you so much for yesterday it was an amazing experience & what a privilege to work amongst such professionals!!!

Love, Tracy”   (on her LEGEND shoot)

Tracy Stern
CEO, Socialite
Tracy Stern Salon Tea

photo of Tracy Stern by Joey Falsetta        

“You are AMAZING and my new favorite person! GRATZI!!!”

Stef Michaels
Access Hollywood, Aventure Girl

“You guys did a fantastic job!”

(On our “People of Color Don’t Care About The Environment”

 Sundance Channel event and program with Simran Sethi)

Len Burnett
Sponsor, Publisher
Uptown magazine

“Bravissime! Very good job ladies!”

Dedi Salmeri
Alcos Communicazione, our Milan partner agency

Courtney Lukitsch Gotham PR

“Jade- Back at you! Ever efficient! Love creative meetings and yesterday was all about flow and synchronous pattern/connection recognition. Very inspiring. Always enjoy the thinkers and do-ers who are bold enough to be out front.”

Courtney Lukitsch
Owner, Director
Gotham PR

Jess Domain

“Thank you SOoOoOoO much for your creative genius love & friendship today!”

upon our styling for her European studio tour

Jess Domain
 Singer, songwriter

“Dear guys and special gal, Many thanks for the efforts in successfully transmitting our first blog/email/intregrated social media thingie today.  The start of a great long-term plan to campaigning and successful fruits. Thank you for embracing the learning curve, sharing knowledge and ultimately for the genuine care and input from everyone involved.

It’s really appreciated.  Here we go…. 🙂 Greg Babalu”

Greg Melvin
Co-Owner, Designer
Babalu Miami and Archipel

“What a creative presentation, thank you.”

Daniel Ou
former Style Editor, Cargo magazine
Director of Product Development, Gap


“When I grow up, I want to be just like you!”

Rody Douzoglou
BackroomNY and BackroomCCS
Caracas, Venezuela

“Fantastic work on the Race-O-Rama special.”

Tracy McGraw
VP Communications

“The media hits make you look great!”

Craig Brommers
VP Marketing
Speedo USA

“Dear Jade, I am now back in Sao Paulo and I just wanted to thank you officially for your kind reception and for arranging all those great meetings for me. It has been a very productive few days and I appreciated very much your energy and professionalism.”

Emmanuel Rengade
Picinguaba Resort and Fazenda Catucaba, Paraty, Brazil

Portal project by Pasha, commissioned by the Resort, cos we put them together;-)

“Fantastic news… WE love you!!”

Gian Carlo Porcu
General Manager
CastaDiva Resort, Lake Como Italy



“It was SUCH a pleasure to work with you. You made the whole process so much

easier for me…REALLY.”

Kristine Kotta, Producer, Geraldo, Fox News

“You were quite professional and pleasant to work with. You got back to me often to keep me on track. I deal with 5 or 6 interviews a day. If everything went as smoothly, my life would be cool.”

Marci Anderson, Producer, Florida News Channel

“You are so wonderful to work with and so on the ball…especially when we are in a time crunch you always pull through for us with flying colors.”

Celeste Brown, Fashion Editor, Fitness magazine

“Thanks Jade! You are a pro – great answers and back early.”

Meaghan Dolan, Senior Editor at Businesswire


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